Eight students successfully completed an international research internship in Sarawak, Malaysia during summer 2015. Adelmut Xia Duffing-Romero (Univ of Colorado – Boulder), Kayla Duuos (Leech Lake Tribal College), Tarlynn Tone-Pah-Hote (Univ Minnnesota – Morris), Nick Two Bears (Univ Minnesota – Morris), Natalia Batchenkova (Univ Minnesota – Morris), Amanda Nelson (Univ Minnesota – Morris, Keyah Stone (Univ Minnesota – Morris), and Haley Gill (Univ Minnesota – Morris) conducted research on the island of Borneo in collaboration with student and faculty from the University Teknologi MARA. They were accompanied by two additional Study Abroad students: Marijane Oquin and Annie Moore also of UMM. Congratulations to all 10 of these outstanding students.